and I am not talking sugar here.

I am one of those people who gets lots of little cyst like lumps under my skin. They are usually the size of a pea and I have one in my neck, one in my thigh, I use to have a large one on my shoulder but I had it taken out a while ago as it was painful when I wore a rucksack and I have a few in my breast. Now, we girls are brainwashed into checking for any lumps or abnormalities in our breasts for an early stage and therefore when I found the first few ones, I had them checked out by my doctor at the time who said, they were cystic lumps, nothing to worry about but to keep an eye to make sure they didn’t grow…

I have had them for a couple years now and although it’s annoying, it’s not painful…until a couple months ago when I found a much larger and harder one on my left breast and nowhere near where the other ones are. It took me a couple months to get it check out as I had just changed jobs and even though I had lived in my current flat for over a year, I still hadn’t registered to the doctor.

Luckily my doctor’s surgery is open really early and late in the evening so I was able to go to my appointment without missing work. I was hoping for a similar feedback I got for the first ones: nothing to worry about these are common…but no, this doctor could confirm for sure by touch only whether or not these were cystic lumps or not…so I got myself an appointment to the Breast Care Unit at Kings College, Denmark Hill. Unfortunately, they only give appointments during the day in those, so I had to do it during work hours but my boss was cool with, after all, one’s health is important.

Unfortunately, the same happened with that specialist. She couldn’t determine for sure if this was something to worry about or not so she recommended I came back for an ultrasound.

I managed to get the appointment for the week where most of the office was out on a week long conference in Denmark so it wouldn’t be too disruptive.

I had only told my boss and one colleague about it. None of my closest friends new about it and definitely not told the family. My Grandad has just come out from a surgery to the prostate and struggled to recover at first, putting a lot of pressure on my Nan ; I certainly don’t want to add any more stress for her.

I have to admit that they are really good at Kings. I didn’t have to wait long before I got seen for the ultrasound and the staff was very gentle. Unfortunately – again, I know I seem to say that a lot – the doctor (a different one) couldn’t see anything this way so decided to send me to have a mammogram. Luckily this could all be done on that same day and therefore I got sent out to wait for it. Again, it was pretty quick for me to get through…and boy, did that hurt. The nurse was very nice and tried to be gentle but there is nothing gentle about getting your boobs squashed and flattened to the max by a machine! And she needed to do both!

Still, after that the doc couldn’t see enough so I had to have a biopsy. As most of you will know, a biopsy is when they take a chunk out of the offending part. I got a local anaesthetic and of course didn’t feel a thing when she stabbed me in the chest (that’s how it felt minus the pain!). They normally take 2 samples just in case but of course for me, she needed 3!

I have to say that the attending nurse was awesome. She was nice and she kept rubbing my arm in comfort whilst the doc was sticking a needle in my boobie. No matter how brave I pretend to be, I don’t like needles poking at me any more than the next person!

Now, I just have to wait for the results. I should have gone back to work after the procedure as it wasn’t that late but the anaesthetics were wearing off and started feeling the pain, so I decided to go home instead. I took a couple pain killers and went to visit my friend Char who just had a baby (they live 10 mins walk from mine). I felt a little guilty that I should have been at work, but as it is so quiet in the office, no one even noticed.

I have to go back to hospital next Thursday for the results. They do it face to face. I suppose that it is so you don’t stress yourself if they ask you to come in.

I have told a few of my friends (and colleagues) now as I made the mistake of wearing a low cut top yesterday and you could see the bandage the nurse put. Not the cleverest move but I only realised it after I got in the office. I took the bandage out this morning and you can only see a little knick on my left boob. They did a really good job.

Now here’s to hoping for regular results!