or the art of denial.

I might be in denial indeed as I have been relatively upbeat all things considered. People find it strange that I can joke and laugh despite the fact that I have cancer. I don’t think it is anything special as it is the way I am built but apparently, it’s admirable that I don’t wallow in self-pity. I am lucky that I am very good at compartmentalising and being able to assess the situation dispassionately. I am given a news, I am upset and I wobble for 10 mins, feel betrayed, upset, sorry for myself for another 10, and then it’s done. Information is processed and my practical, logical side takes over. I don’t waste too much time with unnecessary worry and emotions. It’s mostly counter productive. I can’t take all the credit for that though, it’s how I am and I don’t know that there is much option for choice. In this instance, it is a blessing as positive thinking is part of the battle…in some cases, it is not so nice as I never got to experience the highs of being passionately in love.

So, apart from few anxiety nightmares, I have been dealing with quite ok. People seem to have more issues with it than I do.