Today I got some good news for a change. My latest biopsies turned out to be nothing to worry about. The extra lumps are nothing related to the cancer and I officially just have the one “3 cm” grade 2 invasive duct breast cancer lump in my right boobie. Phew!

A second good news was that I didn’t need to go back to hospital this week although surgery was booked for me next week. I still have to have the sentinel node in my right armpit removed. It’s standard practise and normally done during the lumpectomy but as I am not getting that one for a few months as I am starting with chemo, they have to do it separately.

This one good news was short lived as I just spoke to my care nurse…I have to go for a pre-surgery check and an appointment with the surgeon before my op and of course those can’t be at the same time…this is really annoying and I really can’t wait until I am done with that.

I have some reading to do too as I am eligible for a clinical trial with the chemo with means that instead of the standard practise 8 sessions with a 3 drugs cocktail, I would get either a 4 drugs cocktail which include the drug they are testing (not a new drug by the way but one that was used for more advanced cancers) or another 4 standard drugs cocktail. In either cases, I would get more check ups but it would be a shorter period (6 sessions instead of 8). I am quite tempted by that even if I didn’t read the info yet. I do need to make sure it is not going to screw me and make me worse but the oncologist told me she wouldn’t recommend it if she felt her patients would be at risk from it. It’s just a stronger drug cocktail so the side effects could be enhanced.

Some serious thinking has to be done over the weekend.