Last week was a strange week for me.

It has been a long time since I have been off work for sickness for this long. I think the last time was about 15 years ago when I had my wisdom teeth taken out.

I felt fine physically but as I was booked in for a whole battery of tests pre-chemo sessions on Friday, there was no point going back to work. I can tell you I have well keen and happy to go back to work on Monday! I know, I am weird.

Friday would have been an awesome day, if it wasn’t for the fact that all those tests happen because I have cancer. It started with being injected with radioactive tracer. I was hoping for the superhero transformation but unfortunately all I got was radioactive wee for a couple hours! The tracer is absorbed by the bones and make your skeleton glow on the scan, it takes about 4 hours to be absorbed so they sent me on my merry way with instructions to come back at 1pm.

I could have gone home (I live close enough to the hospital) but I went shopping instead – hell yeah! I bought some cute snow boots with faux fur and ponpons – adorable! And made a dent in my budget with some Xmas shopping. Whilst I was there, the hospital called me to tell me that they had managed to change one of my test dates to this day so I could save myself another half day from work…

The bone scan was quite fun, the technician was chatty and asked me if I had some other problems I wanted him to check whilst he was checking my skeleton..I got to see some of the image on a screen and it’s quite something. I mean, I never thought I’d see the inside of my body that way.

After the scan, I went to have a CT scan for which they had to inject some contrast dye. Yet another hole in my left arm…I will look like a junkie soon! I didn’t get to see the images for that. They just took pictures of my thoracic area, to see my lungs and heart I believe.

And finally, I finished the day with an ECG (ElectroCardioGram for the people not in the know). It is basically an ultrasound of your heart. They take measurements of it and of how it sounds. This is a baseline to check if and how the chemo drugs may affect its functioning (it doesn’t always happen but it can).

After that, I was thoroughly knackered. Even if I didn’t have to do anything really but lay there. Normally I can watch TV until 1am on Fridays but not that day…by 11pm my eyelids felt like they were made of lead so I went off to bed…

It’s actually a damn shame that apparently, because of the dye injected for the CT scan, there is one part of the ECG that didn’t work and therefore I have to go again tomorrow…double damn! Here I was hoping that Friday would be the only day I would miss some work…oh well. Got to do what I have got to do.

On the up side, my new hair do got a lot of attention yesterday…and I don’t know if people are being nice or genuinely like it but everyone has been very complimentary.