how I got my ass kicked by the side effect management medication…

Friday was my first session of chemotherapy. As I mentioned before I decided to go on the clinical trial and after I got randomised, I didn’t actually fall into the 50% of people who actually got that drug but I still get the boosted chemo cocktail which means that my treatment will be shorter than the standard treatment.

I had to wait a little before it was time for me to get plugged in and as it was my first session, we had a few things to get through first. There was this lady in the waiting room with me and she was telling us (others who seemed to be on their first session too) that she was on her 3rd cycle already and that it wasn’t as bad as people told you to. Her first cycle was the hardest but after that her body got used to it and that she carried on living as normal and doing her usual stuff…which was reassuring. She was young too (most the people in the waiting room were actually, which is a little sad).

The actual drug cycle only last about 1h30mins, it’s the whole waiting around that took forever. Also I discovered a rash on one of my arms which I flagged up so they sent a dermatologist consultant to have a check and they found that I had an arm which looked bigger than the other and got worried that I had  a blood clot somewhere so they arranged for an ultrasound…I have never been so checked up in my life…

I asked for the cold cap to protect my hair but after my cycle was over we discovered that it didn’t work. I noticed that it wasn’t very cold despite what the nurse had told me I should feel but I had been overheating thanks to the steroids I thought it was just me. I should have said something…now the chances of me losing my hair have increased.

They sent me home with some drugs to deal with nausea and an injection to deal with the immune system risks. The rest of the day was relatively eventless and I spent Saturday bumming around at home.

I was nervous about injecting myself but it went ok actually. Didn’t feel a thing. What I have felt though is the consequences of the injection starting Sunday.

The nurse said that I would feel pain in my bones and like I had a flu and boy she wasn’t kidding! For the last 2 days I have felt like I am 190 years old arthritic who has gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson! My whole body hurts! I can’t wait for it to be over. I have taken some paracetamol but it isn’t really working.

Thank god my boss insisted I work from home coz I don’t think I would have been able to cope with moving about. I sure hope today is the last day of that…