It took me a full 4 days for the pain caused by the immune booster (gcf) to start receding. I went back to work on Thursday 13th (yesterday) because a) I was bored out of my mind and b) we had our xmas party that night and I so didn’t want to miss it.

I didn’t sleep very well the night before, still feeling the pain through the bones and not able to find a comfortable position. I had fits of 1h-2h sleep and then I would switch position and the sharp pain would wake me up. Still, I felt relatively fine in the morning. Fine enough to brave the outside world. I avoided the massive commuting issues by just jumping on the bus (there is one that will take me from the bottom of my street to about 5 mins walk from the office). I normally don’t like buses as I find them unreliable but, I was impressed by the good time we made and the fact that it only cost me £1.35 for the whole journey. I might consider switching permanently if it stays this good.

My first day at work went by really quickly and I felt full of energy all day, which I haven’t been experiencing much this past week. Maybe it was the fact that I was happy to feel useful again or the fact that I was recovering, I don’t know what it was but it worked for me.

By 5.30pm everyone was getting really excited about the Xmas party and the girls started the trips to the toilet for change and make up sessions.

Because I didn’t want to risk catching something, I elected not to wear a dress (it was bloody freezing!) but I still felt the need to change into “mes habits de lumiere” as my friend Sophie would say(aka a sparkling outfit). I am very much liking this season rock chick fashion…it’s very me!

I had planned only staying for about 1h at the party but once there, I just couldn’t leave. I love xmas dos and office parties and it’s been such a long time since I have been to one…saying that, the fact that I couldn’t overdo it with the drinking was definitely a plus as I managed to not make a fool of myself (as I have had in the past).

I left at around 9.30pm and was in bed by 11pm. I believe it got a little messy as the night went by but that’s what xmas parties are for!

I am glad I went and stayed a bit. There was a photobooth there and I got to take a few pix with some of my nice colleagues! I love pictures.

There were definitely a lot of sore looking faces around the office today…that’s for those who even bothered to come 🙂

Roll next year’s party! I am definitely planning to enjoy that one to the fullest!!