One thing that I have found hard with dealing with cancer is that I have lost control over a lot of things in my life.

My friends will tell you, I am a control freak. I mean, there is a reason that I am an office manager! I like order and organising things and knowing about everything relating to my job…Lack of control makes me nervous and when you get sick, it’s like your body is betraying you. You can’t even control that anymore. You are at the mercy of the doctors and nurses and the disease.

Because I knew I was going to have chemo, the last thing I wanted to have to deal with was losing my hair…I mean, there are 2 things in my body that I would definitely not have changed and represented my femininity: my boobs and my hair and thanks to this disease both might be seriously affected…but this is the kind of thing that is out of my control, however, one way I can gain control back is not to wait for my hair to fall off.

The nurse told me that they have a thing called the “cold cap” which can be used to try to prevent hair loss but it works better on short hair…so I decided to take the bull by the horn, and within the week I had booked my hair appointment.

Actually finding a salon that I could trust to shop my long hair off into something cute was the first step. I live in East Dulwich and luckily, the area has a very active online forum ( and very quickly I found a series of recommendation for a new salon in Peckham called Kuki Hair. As I was off work following my sentinel nodes biopsy, it was easy to get an appointment during the day (I think trying to get one on Saturdays or after 5pm is quite tricky as they are really popular).

My friends CN and TN accompanied me there and I met with Gemma, my dedicated stylist. A few days before, I had found the exact hair do I wanted to have whilst walking out of the tube in Old Street. There was a poster for Alisha Keys new album and there she was, looking fierce in an asymetric bob…exactly was I was looking for. Thanks to modern technology I snapped a pic on my iphone and that’s what I showed Gemma. I explained to her why I was getting my hair cut and she was very sweet about it (her mum is going through it too) and promised to do her best to make it look good…and boy did she just do that! An hour and full head massage and half my hair off and I looked just like I wanted!

People asked me after if I cried when she took the scissors to my hair (everybody who knows me knew that I loved my hair!) but I didn’t. Once I make a decision, I don’t feel there is any point getting emotional about it any more. Of course it helps that I love my new look 🙂

Pre hair cut look
Pre hair cut look