As most people know, one of the side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. It is not something I particularly look forward to and some lucky people manage to avoid it. There is something they can do to help prevent hair loss, it’s called a cold cap. It’s like a hat they put on your hair which circulates freezing water to basically freeze the follicles on your head and reduces the risk of hair loss. It’s not 100% guarantee but it can help.
Of course, I requested it for my first session. They told me it would get uncomfortable but it was worth it in my books if I could be one of the lucky ones who kept her hair.
Unfortunately for me, by the time they took it off my head, they realised that it didn’t work. Because I felt uncomfortable, I didn’t realise that it wasn’t doing what it was supposed to. Because of that, the nurse said that I would most likely lose my hair and it would happen within the 3 weeks following the session.
I have become a little obsessed with checking my hair and I am constantly wondering if the hair I am losing is the normal sheding (I tend to lose a far amount by nature but my hair is so thick that it is usually not noticeable much) or I am experiencing the first signs…
Yesterday, as I was going to the loo and well wiping myself, I noticed a lot of hair down the bowl which is not normal for me so I gave a little tug, just to check and sure enough came back with a handful of hair…so it begins. Of course, the rest of my body hair wouldn’t have been protected by the cold cap so it is not saying that I’m losing the ones on my head, but since discovering that I’m losing some, I have given a tug as well to my head hair, and I think I’m sheding a bit more than normal. Every time I pass my hand in my hair It comes out with a few strands. It’s definitely not as much as with my “woohah” but I think more than I would normally shed.
I know it’s part of the course and I can always play with wigs etc and I shouldn’t let it worry me, but losing my hair is still something g a little more traumatic to me than having had an operation and all the other things I have to deal with since being diagnosed. My hair has always so important to me.. I know it will grow back after I am done and maybe it will even be nicer (some people say that) and it’s only for a few months as I have a strong hair gene (it always grows quick) but I don’t like the idea that it will identify me as a cancer sufferer…it’s one of the obvious signs.