Over the last couple days, I have been losing my hair by the handful. Out of everything I have had to deal with since being diagnosed, the potential to lose my hair was the hardest to get over.
As you know, I went from long hair to a plunging bob a week before I started chemo in a bid to give me more chances to protect it with the cold cap. As the cold cap didn’t work, the chemo nurse had told me that within 3 weeks it would probably fall. She was right. This morning I decided to wash my hair as I can’t stand more than a day without doing it and by the end of the shower I had pretty much 2 big handful of hair down. My nan had noticed a small bald patch already on top of my head so after the shower I decided enough was enough. I asked my cousin to pull out the clippers and to shave it all off! I talked about it yesterday but my nan was against it and I humoured her but today there was no way I was going to wait until it all fell away on its own. As I said before, control is quite important for me, this is my way to regain some semblance of it.
I didn’t go all out buy its definitely shorter than I ever had and shows all the grey hair that I have always taken much pain to hide but it’s not as bad as I thought and even my nan is coming around and admit that it is better for me to manage.
It still will fall out completely as I still get some if I pass my hand in my hair but it will slow it down a little and it won’t as shocking when it does. It definitely feels much colder up here though!!
I look even more like my mother now and that’s not a good thing….