In my family we celebrate Christmas on the 24th in the evening and the biggest fan is my uncle Dominique. He spends weeks sorting out presents for everyone, he is the most excitable person I know about Xmas. Not for himself but for the sheer joy of looking on people’s faces when they open the presents he has gotten them! It is impossible not to feel uplifted by his spirit!!
He has been bouncing up and down like an excited bunny since yesterday because today is Xmas day for us!
It used to be that we would have dinner on Xmas eve, and watch movies or play games until 12am so we could then open our presents.
Nowadays, as my grandad can’t stay up so late and there aren’t any kids around any more and my uncle is just too impatient, we now start the presents opening at 10pm on Xmas eve! It’s just too funny how the first thing he said this morning was “it’s Xmas today and now we can start count to the hours instead of days!!!”

I love my uncle! You can’t feel down about anything around him at Xmas!