Since I decided to shave my head I have been ok to go around without head gear unless I get cold. However I am at home with the family and soon it will be time to go back to work so I am not sure I want to go to the office with my scalp showing in patches and most importantly with all the grey hair exposed… I need people to still see me like the glam girl I used to be and not see the girl with the breast cancer. There is also this guy at work I have a tiny crush on and even if it is only one sided, I don’t want him to see me this way.
So I have been scouring YouTube for techniques on how to play with head scarves… There are a lot of those around and mostly they give the same advice. My problem at the moment is that I only have synthetic square scarves and if I use it straight on my head, it itches like a be-atch (if you will pardon my French).
There is a video on YouTube by a girl called Esther (from 2010) who had lymphoma (I hope she is now well recovered) and she demonstrated using an old T-shirt that you cut the top off (under the arms) and take the bottom part to twist around your head to use as a skull cap. Now that is clever use of old t-shirts! I asked my nan for one to test it and it works great!

Using one of my grandad’s old t-shirts

Adding my black and grey skulls square scarf on top because white is not my coulour in winter 🙂
Not bad for a first try…?
Esther’s video: how to tie headscarf