So Christmas 2012 has been and gone and it wasn’t nearly as bad or stressful as I had anticipated. The news of my breast cancer was definitely met with shock by friends and family alike but once that initial shock was over, people coped with it a lot better that I had hoped. Of course it does helped that I try to be my usual silly self and that I still have my normal levels of energy. Shaving my head wasn’t nearly as traumatic that I had feared and I don’t feel the need to cover my head, well i do sometimes but only because its cold and not because I’m embarrassed.
I reconnected with old uni friends yesterday and everybody seems to think that my new cropped hair suits me fine and that it doesn’t “shock”.
My grandparents are coping well with it I think so overall I had a great Xmas…now onto the new year and my next chemo, on 31st Dec… Yes, happy new year everyone! Lucky that I prefer not to celebrate NYE.