So this is it. The last day of holiday with the family in the hometown. In a few minutes we will be saying goodbye to my grandparents for at least another half year…depending on the year I sometimes don’t come back for the summer, preferring to travel to an exotic location. This year I went on my first holiday to the US (I had been wanting to go there since I was 15). It was an amazing holiday and made me want to do another one pretty much straight on. I was planning to go to Costa Rica either in February or November next year but with the diagnosis and the treatment plan this is on hold. This means that if I can travel for the summer, I will probably come back to visit the family. Otherwise, my next visit would have been for next Christmas.
I always get a little sad when I leave. My grandparents are getting old and you are never quite sure how many more Xmas we will all have together and with the added drama of my diagnosis, I worry about their morale.
The sadness doesn’t last long however as however much I love my family, I love my independence and my life in London more… I can’t see myself moving back to France any time soon. This is not my life any more.
We are driving back to the Parisian suburb within the hour, to go back to my uncle’s and tomorrow, I catch the Eurostar back to London and my life….
Monday I have my second session of chemo, which means no NYE celebrations for me.
Happy New Year every one…