It is time for me to do a little retrospective of 2012 and wish everyone a Happy, Healthy New Year 2013!

For me 2012 started rather well…Although I was on a contract with work, I was working in my favourite industry and with people I already knew and trusted with the possibility of extending my stay a little longer. I was optimistic. Things didn’t work out that way as the person I was covering for decided it was time for her to come back so my days were waning there and the end was scheduled for June. There were still talks of keeping me on until the end of the year as the company was looking to move offices and wanted me as the onsite project manager…unfortunately for them, I got poached before they could make their own decision and by May I had another job offer for a start in July.

The timing could not have been more perfect as by the 18th June I was off on my lifetime holiday! 14 days touring Western California! I had dreamt of going to the US since I was 15 but never got the opportunity or always chickened out for lack of travelling partners. In November 2011 I decided enough was enough and found an agency which caters for independent travellers (I say independent and not single as it is not a dating holiday!). Small groups, minivans and preplanned itineraries but choices of activities whilst you are there…for me the perfect way to discover the area! I got to see things I had wanted for long and things I never thought I would actually want to… I had the best holiday and came back on a high and tanned! Ready for my new job which started a couple days after I got back.

Some of my favourite views from my holiday…

Flying high above the Grand Canyon…one word for that “WOW”, ok maybe 2 “AGAIN!”.





PCH 101 between San Francisco and Santa Barbara

I settled in my new job very quickly, finding my pace and integrating like I was always meant to be there. The people were great and welcoming and the job interesting. The company the perfect size for someone like me! It reminded me of the job I had before for 7 years which I was obliged to leave as the company got taken over and I was made redundant…I thought “Yes, finally things are back on track for me” as since 2010 and the redundancy, they had been a little shaky, at least on the job front…and my job is important to me.

Then a couple months in, I felt the lump…I didn’t go to get it checked out straight away as I hadn’t had time get registered with a new GP yet but once I did, 2012 turned pretty sour! It is definitely not the way I was planning to end the year that I had started so well for me. Under chemotherapy and with a shaved head but that’s what life handed me so I picked up my lemons and I am trying darn hard to make that lemonade with it…

So here’s to 2013, the year where my life will be on hold for a while with regards to travelling and other projects so I can concentrate on getting rid of this darn breast cancer and hopefully never see again…ever!

I started the New Year with a chemo session (well on NYE) so not automatically the best of starts but as NYE celebrations have never been my thing (drama always seem to follow me on those nights), I wasn’t too fussed. I spent an hour on Skype with the family between their midnight and mine and then went to bed. I had bought some fancy nibbles and I had put a mini bottle of prosecco in the fridge to toast the new year but didn’t even fancy it…

This week, I am working from home so I am not going to get much celebration either but that’s ok…my next chemo is schedule 3 days before my birthday so another celebration which is probably not going to happen…

As I said, 2013 is the year where things will be on hold….bring on 2014!