Today, I sent my customary New Year best wishes to the people I don’t get to tell face to face. This is a French custom. We don’t send Xmas cards, we send New Year’s cards and only to the people we don’t get to see or haven’t been in contact with for a while.

I don’t do real cards any more as I have gone a little more environmentally conscious so I send an email to those I have the details (or via Facebook) and then donate the money I would have spent sending said cards to some of my favourite charities. I normally pick children’s charities but obviously this year I have picked cancer related ones.

Because of that, I have told those people of my diagnosis. I never wanted to keep it a secret but wanted to have the chance to tell my grandparents about it before too many people knew. I have received many messages of encouragement and of support and I feel really blessed for the friends and even mere acquaintances I have made. It is weird sometimes to see yourself through the eyes of others and realise what impact you have made on them. I am glad to know that they all see me as this positive, strong person who can beat anything as it will be useful in the challenge.

I am glad I have waited to tell and also that I haven’t waited until I met with the people. I hope as well that this will bring awareness to all my female friends to realise that unfortunately you are never too young to be dealing with this and they should keep a good eye (and hand) on their assets!