So one thing that I haven’t been able to keep up with since I have been diagnosed is my fitness regime. I mean it doesn’t take much to convince me not to go to the gym at best of times so the good excuse of “I have cancer” is well up there in my head…Of course it is the wrong attitude as there are things I should be doing or I will put back the weight I worked so hard to lose before I went on holiday this summer!

I have a gym membership…I often do. Me and Gym we have a love-hate relationship. Before I was diagnosed, I had started to go to Zumba classes and although they were fun, I didn’t take to it as I thought I would considering I love dancing and ballroom! I think I just didn’t like the teaching style. I gave myself 5 weeks of attending the classes before I gave them up and then I had the sentinel node op so I couldn’t anyway.

But I do need to do something though as I feel lumpy, especially after all the Xmas excesses (I didn’t deny myself anything) and the fact that the steroids that I have to take before chemo sessions make me ravenous! I have noticed that, the bone and joint pains lessen when I stretch my body so I am thinking I need to start yoga and pilates…it’s gentle enough that I should be able to do it without putting strain on my body and it should definitely help with my toning issues. Lucky for me, my gym has both. Next week’s classes are already fully booked so I will have to wait for the week after but I am hoping I can give it a try and most importantly stick to it.

I don’t really go with the yoga lifestyle so don’t expect me to start “ohming” and wearing flowery head scarves (although I will be wearing head scarves!) but if it lessens the pain, I am down for it.