Yesterday was a great day for me…not only was it Saturday and had gone through the week without having had to take the strong painkillers as the pain was more than manageable this time around but as I was taking my shower I made a thrilling discovery.

Shower time is usually when I give myself a once over, taking stock of my body. It’s in the shower that I first discovered my lump and since being diagnosed, I had been gingerly checking my boob in the fear that a) I would find another and b) that the one I already have would increase in size…

I had a check up with an oncologist before my second chemo and she examined me and asked me if I had noticed any changes in my lump and at that stage I hadn’t I mean I only had one session so it wasn’t unusal…to be honest I had a couple instances after that where I freaked myself out thinking it had grown…not a happy feeling…but yesterday was different.

As I was tentatively checking the area where the lump I had the best news of the year…the lump had shrunk! Yes, I checked several times just to make I wasn’t trying to convince myself of the fact but the truth, I can barely feel it now and that’s only after 2 sessions! I was ecstatic! There was always a risk that the chemo wouldn’t break down the lump the right way but now I know that it is working…If I hadn’t been in the shower at the time I would have jumped up and down with happiness…My body is playing ball…for once! Hale-fucking-luiah!

This made my day and despite the weather being grey and miserable I felt like on a little cloud of happiness…I celebrated by going shopping for head caps :)!