At my last treatment, I had a different chemo nurse and once again they seem to struggle with my small veins. It probably didn’t help that I had been sent to have blood works just before and because of the surgery I had on the right, I am not allowed to have blood drawn on that side yet.

The nurse wasn’t too happy that I had already been poked on the left arm as it can cause leakage of the chemo drugs…I never thought this could happen to be fair otherwise I would have question the wisdom of sending me for a blood test before my chemo. To top it off, I have apparently small, elusive veins which makes it a little harder for them so the nurse proposed that I should get myself a PICC line and got me a print out so I can read about it and decide…at least I still have the choice on that one. A PICC line (peripherally inserted central catheter) is used when the veins are too difficult to use and stays on permanently (or at least for the duration of the treatment).

This is what it looks like when inserted.

PICC Line Diagram

I know it looks scary already…Then you read all the things that can go wrong with it: blockages, clots, infection…The line itself requires a weekly flushing that you can’t do yourself and therefore, in my case, as I live alone, would require an extra weekly visit to hospital – sorry luv but the least time I spend there, the better for me…!

Points for: less fuss when it comes to blood test and chemo treatment as they just plug in the line

Points against: high maintenance and long list of risks

My verdict? Considering that I only have only 4 additional sessions and despite the fact that I might get some irritation of the veins with my second lot of treatment (according to the nurse), I think I will pass…It feels that she wanted me to have it because it will be easier for them…well, it won’t be for me so no thank you!