So I went to my first yoga class tonight. I haven’t really exercised since my operation and I thought that gentle exercise would be better. Well technically it wasn’t my first class. I went to one ages ago, at the crack of dawn and I can’t say I enjoyed it much then. It has probably a lot to do with the fact that i am as flexible as a 2×4!
Nonetheless, I gave it a try tonight and it was ok. Nothing to make me go wow I loved that but it was gentle enough, that I shouldn’t hurt too much, although it did show my lack of flexibility and core muscles, so there is definitely room for improvement.

The part I didn’t like so much is the mambo-jambo about feeling the energy around and breathing the peace and letting out the calm. This is definitely not my scene and although I will go back to the class – although not next week as I have chemo on next Monday – I am not sure I will ever buy in the hippie feel.

Tomorrow I am trying out Pilates and hoping there is no visualisation involved with that because I suck at visualising.