So there is this trend, thanks to iPhone app, to monitor how efficient is your sleep. As I am always curious about these things and understanding sleep cycles and what not, I thought I’d give it a try.

I have downloaded the free app called Sleep Time. You set your alarm and put the phone face down under your pillow or somewhere like that and let it monitor your movements whilst you sleep. It “feels” when you are in your light sleep and the built-in alarm will wake you within the half hour of your own alarm as it is supposed to optimise when you should wake up. I tried it for the first time last night and checking the report is quite interesting. According to it, I have 90% sleep efficiency…well thank you it is good to know. It felt right too as I did have a good night sleep last and felt quite refreshed this morning…although also according to it, I should wake up at 6.30am and not 7am to be even more even efficient…no offence  Sleep Time, but that is definitely not going to happen! What would I do for 30 mins? Exercise? Well that’s what the app recommends too…Oh well, I am not that keen on early morning torture so I’ll keep that for the end of the day, thanks.

It breaks down your sleep between “awake” “light sleep” and “Deep+REM” and between 10.37pm last night and 7am this morning, I was “awake” 10%, in “light sleep” for 47% and in “Deep+REM” for 43% of the time with longest deep sleep between 11.00pm and 1am…It’s quite interesting although I am not sure how accurate it really is. I do know that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night for random reasons (although a lot less since I have been using my bioears earplugs – they are awesome by the way!) but I didn’t last night so it is accurate enough for that…we’ll see tomorrow but don’t worry, I won’t bore you too much with details. That is part of my geeky side to find this quite interesting, although I doubt that Mr Fry would be so enthusiastic about it.

Over and out.