So if you remember, I had my first chemotherapy session on the 7th December 2012 and I started losing my hair around 20th, it was during week 2 after the treatment. Seeing the handful of hair coming off stressed me more than anything so I took the decision to take control back and shaved my head. Well I didn’t completely shave it, I went for the Demi Moore buzz cut in G.I. Jane. It left me. With a couple of lighter patches but overall, I looked much better like than I had fear.
I don’t know if it is out of kindness, but everybody has been complementing how cool I look with my cropped hair…
Anyway, I had my second chemo session on the 31st December -yeah I know, Happy New Year to me ! – so I had calculated that my little hair I had left should start falling again week of 14th January. I have noticed that some hair growth had happen as I have some black hair at the front of my head, which I had lost by the 31st. So far we are the 16th and my hair seems well glued to my head. I am enjoying the fact that the ones on my legs and under arms don’t seem to want to grow back though…I also still have my eyebrows and lashes. Fingers crossed these will stay, although I read on Chemo for Beginners‘ blog that for her, she lost her eyebrows and lashes only after the last session so it could still happen unfortunately.

But as they say, no point in worrying about things I can’t control so if it happens I will deal with it but as long as it doesn’t I’ll bloody well enjoy it!