My birthday is coming up and usually I make a big deal out of it. I don’t care that I am getting a year older but I do care that people remember to wish me a happy birthday! There is nothing that depresses me than people forgetting. Fear not, there is no way that you can forget though as I will be bending your ear, reminding you that my birthday is coming at least from the week before! Can’t leave it to you to remember by yourself…too risky.

The second thing I really like about my birthday is that I usually end up celebrating it all week. I have different group of friends and not everybody can make the one party so I always end up having at least 2 or 3 drinks to celebrate it…not this year though…this year, like for NYE, I am celebrating by being housebound!

My next chemo is on the 21st and my birthday on 24th so I will miss being in the office. I always bring pastries (croissants and pains au chocolat) on the day and as it is a Thursday I would have gone for drinks after work but of course, I will be working from home due to my low immune system so it will be boooring! I don’t feel like having a massive party either, even after so instead, I will be very grown up and have a Sunday Roast at a local pub with my closest and dearest friends.

I suppose that considering that I will be turning 39, acting like a grown up is kind of expected, not that I want to make a habit of it, mind you!


I wrote the first bit at the beginning of the week and today (17.01.13), I have already made plans for 2 “parties” to celebrate my birthday…one involving drinks for everyone from past and present jobs who want to join a week after my birthday – when I am actually back in the office! ;  and one involving drinks a week later but only with the girls from the office I actually hang out with for lunch…so here goes my plan of acting all grown up! I love my birthday!!