Today is my 3rd chemo cycle. I am officially halfway through the treatment. Although I haven’t started the treatment yet. Thanks to the op I had on the right, the fact that they need to rerun blood within 2 days of treatment – and as I have it Mondays it has to be done one the same day as they don’t work weekends- and that it snowed all weekend and therefore a lot if people didn’t make it, it is 12.15 and I am still waiting (I have been here since 9.00).
Somehow though all the patients seem to have made it in if the staff didn’t. It’s a full house so far.
All I can say is thank god my Internet connection is working and I have my much loved Kindle at hand!
Happy Monday all xxx

*** UPDATE***

So I finally got plugged in to my IV at 2pm and was out the hospital by 4pm…I have never spent so long in there for my treatment I have to say. Even with my Kindle I was starting to get a bit bored. It didn’t help either that the steroids had really kicked in and I felt ravenous all day and of course I only had non healthy snacks that I had quickly bought at the hospital shop when I realised that I would there for hours.

For my next treatment I have booked my blood test for the Friday so I don’t have to wait so long for the treatment to start this time…I will be switching treatment as well so let’s expect a whole new set of potential side effects and no steroids for me this time…