Ok so I much prefer being bored than having to experience the pain I did after my first chemo but – and there is always a but, because after all, we humans are permanently unsatisfied people – I am also not very fond of being bored…

I have been stuck at home, working remotely, for the past couple days to protect myself from unwanted public transport germs and just in case I get pains or extreme tiredness. The thing is, the effects have been diminishing quite seriously after each chemo session so this time around, no pain. Zip, nada, niente, nichts…you catch my drift. Now I am not going to complain about that. That pain was so no fun. Now though, I am home, trying to keep busy but not being busy enough as there is only so much you can do remotely. I have already managed to go order too many things on Amazon and created a couple of photobooks on my Photobox account (you know, all these holiday photos you keep on your hard drive but don’t bother printing any more…I have about 5 years worth of them!) and I still have a day and half to go…Nuh uh! Sod it, tomorrow I go to work!

If only to stop myself from eating my way through all my stock! That is the real pain of being home. I am not busy enough to stop thinking about my stomach and the steroids seem to still have a huge effect because I still feel hungry all the time! Yesterday I ploughed through half a slab of cheddar for chris sake! Not good for my diet at all.

So today, I shall try to curb my appetite (it will be hard) and celebrate my birthday with the mini bottle of prosecco I have been keeping…See what I did there? Managed to drop another line on my birthday!! Don’t care that I am getting older, I just love my birthday!!