or doing your bit to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research UK.

Long before I was diagnosed, I felt it was important for me to participate to the Race for Life project. My first participation was in 2007 and I managed to convince a few of my work colleagues to join me on the run. It’s been a while since I have participated to it (for various reasons) but it has become more important than ever to me as I am now using the race date as a milestone – I want to fit and pretty much clear by the time I need to run. I hope that by June, I will be done with chemo and with the surgery and therefore will be on the road to remission already.

In 2007, I raced for a plethora of unknown survivors…in 2008, I raced in memory of my mother, who passed from cancer of the uterus…this year, I will race as a survivor and on behalf of all the women who are still fighting it…

UK ladies, I invite you to join in, wear pink, walk it, hop it, skip it or truly race it, there are races all over…

For those wishing to contribute, if you don’t know anyone participating, you can find my fundraising page http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/chymeeras-run

Thank y’all…now I just have to get myself fit enough again so I can survive a 5K run! arrggh….

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