… or celebrating the halfway point of my chemo treatment with confirmation that the tumour has shrunk!

So last Friday I had my halfway point treatment ultrasound check up. I was a bit nervous as the last few times I had gone for an ultrasound I was either told that the tumour was bigger than they originally thought or that there might be other tumours (which turned out not to be true, thankfully).

I don’t know if you remember, but right after my second treatment I felt that my tumour was smaller and I was ecstatic but I didn’t have an actual confirmation.

So I went in a little less optimistic than before, thinking expect the worse, hope for the best…and although I didn’t get the best, i.e. “oh my gosh, your tumour has dramatically shrunk, it’s fantastic!” ; I also didn’t get the worse, i.e. “oh my, I am sorry but there is no change” or worst even “it appears that it has gone bigger or spread”…. I got instead a “it has shrunk slightly. Nothing major but it is definitely going in the right direction. And we can tell it has soften as well so the density seems affected too, which is good” kind of speech. I’ll take that thank you even if I would definitely had preferred reaction n#1. So my tumour has shrunk – yay! – although not as much as I thought it has – oh well, I still have 3 sessions to go and who know, it could be a delayed reaction or in need for the new treatment to really kick off! –

I am happy that it is going the right way…which is down in this case 🙂 I think I am going to celebrate with a chocolate coated Belgian waffle…yup that’s how I roll!!