Valentine’s day is approaching and for a “chronically single” woman like me, it is definitely not my favourite day.

The independent woman in me rebels against the concept and recognises that it is all but a commercial ploy from the likes of Clintons Card, M&S and Thorntons to sell more cards, wine and chocolate than it is a real celebration of ones love for another.
After all, who needs a date in the calendar to tell the person they love that they do? Love is not shown by the price tag on a new necklace or “romantic” dinner but by all the little every day attentions that are given. Right? Wrong it seems as every year we are flooded by advertisements for all those “special” gift you can get your significant other and every year, millions of people buy into ensuring that the chronically singles feel that little bit more inadequate…well maybe most singles don’t care but despite what I say about being happy being single, it’s still annoys me to have it shoved in my face every year.

I have been reading a little about on the magical interweb and the incredible fact source that is wikipedia – yes, I know, not all of it is actually true there but still a useful database. I am not writing a grade-able essay here – and found some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day.

  • First reference to Valentine’s Day linked to romantic gift/card giving dates back from Chaucer times.
  • The term Valentine’s Day originally referred to Saint Valentine, is

as a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus. The most popular martyrologyassociated with Saint Valentine was that he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire; during his imprisonment, he is said to have healed the daughter of his jailer Asterius. Legend states that before his execution he wrote “from your Valentine” as a farewell to her.


  • It was however only really made popular as mass giving of presents, cards and most importantly jewellery in the 80s by the diamond industry (’s_Day)
  • Every year around 190 millions valentines card are sent…None of them ever made their way to me…yes, I have never received a Valentine’s card *snif* and a little part of me is upset by that. I mean it is a little sad no?

On years where I feel particularly fragile about it, I choose to celebrate an anti-valentines day with my single friends…unfortunately, I don’t have many left around me. Apparently though I am not the only one to feel that way as there is an official “Single’s Awareness Day” (S.A.D.) – I am so not sure this is a good acronym for it – which is also celebrated on the 14th February as a tongue-in-cheek reply to the Hallmark event…and apparently the best place to celebrate it is Brazil as they actually don’t celebrate Valentine’s day on 14th February but in June (sounds good to me). The official colour to wear on that day is green, which apparently the opposite of red or black (a non colour)…the things I learn on wikipedia…with Mr Fry’s QI , my second favourite source of random facts!

So back to  me (yeah I know it’s always all about me, but let’s be honest, this is my blog, so I’ll do what I please)…never had a valentines’ card, the only time I had a boyfriend when the 14th Feb came, he got me a single red rose (we were 21) and it was sweet…until he told me that his mum had made him buy it for me, otherwise he wouldn’t have bothered…yup, classy! Should have been my first clue this wasn’t going to work out. I am not the most romantic person you’ll find but still, I didn’t need to know.

And I don’t think this year will be any different…no, I am not trying to pull in the sympathetic “oh, poor Chymeera…Don’t worry, it will happen one day I am sure!” ; I am just stating a fact. First of all, I am still single and the only guy I had a crush on lately turns out to not be available and secondly, it falls on chemo week so I will house bound on that day…which in itself could be a good thing as it means that I won’t have to look at all the lovey-dovey couples of to some “romantic” restaurant. Gosh, I sound like a miserable catlady-to be! *I apologise in advance to all cat lovers who might find this comment a little too derogatory but I can’t help it, this is the image most people have and I am not a cat fan, more a dog one *

Rant over…sorry people.