I have reached the half way point of my treatment a couple weeks ago. That meant that I had to do some check up tests (ultrasound, which I already talked about) and on Saturday I had an MRI. Although the thing only last 15 mins, it is really something I was not looking forward to as it really freaks me out to be slid in such a narrow tube and despite the headphones they give you, the noise is really loud. Lucky for me, I was face down so not tempted to open my eyes and freak myself out even more. I just laid there, humming to myself and trying to bring my hammering heart to a more calm level. I know it’s irrational, that I am safe and all but I can’t help it, tight spaces are no one’s favourite really.

Any way, I digress, as this is not about the MRI but about my new cycle of drugs: 5-fluorouracil, Epirubicin and Cyclophosphamide. These ones come in syringes and not in a pouch like Docetaxel. I am still plugged into an IV but instead of having one pouch, the nurse has to come change my syringe more often. And one of the drugs is actually bright red (I think it’s Fluorouracil) – which by the way, make you pee red for a couple hours! – Now if you are not keen on needle and caterer stuff, look away now….

New drug is going in...
New drug is going in…

My allocated nurse complained a bit that I had not gotten the PICC line. I think she is laying on the risk of not getting it because it is always a little hard for them to put the caterer in as my veins are quite deep apparently and the cold doesn’t help getting them out. Saying that, it was also the first time that she mentioned that I should drink lots of water the day before and in the morning as it helps getting them plumped up. It’s my 4th cycle and you telling me that now?

I was firm on the fact that I did not want a PICC line and I would only get it if I was told with no other uncertain words, by a doctor, that I needed one. I do not one a foreign body like that going all the way to my heart if I don’t have to. She was not happy but somehow, she managed to get it in one. She said I was lucky and I said maybe she was better at it than she thought…or something like that (with a nice tone, I promise…I am not about to piss off completely the woman who holds the needle).

She said this new treatment irritates the veins more and that with a PICC line it will be easier on me (not sure if it me really me she has in mind there) but although I did feel the red drug going in more than I would have with the other one, I can’t say it was a strong reaction. Maybe with a build up, but I have now only 2 sessions to go! Whoop whoop!

Now, one of the most know side effect for this cocktail is nausea. I was given a pack loads of drugs to counteract the sickness. I have to admit that I felt more tired and didn’t feel like having dinner last night. I had an apple so I could take my medication (you have to have some food with it…which is a bit of pain, if you are feel nauseous, the last thing you want is food)…and went to bed quite early as I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I woke up this morning feeling fine and hungry. Which I took as a good sign…I had about 10 pills to take with food, so I made myself a bowl of porridge. I have slight headache and my stomach feels a little unsettled but not full on nauseous, so fingers cross this is as far as it will go. I’ll keep you posted, even though this is hardly the nicest of chats 🙂

I am hoping it will be mild enough that I can go in to work half way through the week instead of spending the whole week at home (which drives me mad as I really get bored).

Until next time….