When I first started chemo, the first couple days were a bit rough but instead of diminishing, the 3 day ended up being the worst of it all pain wise.

It seems that with the new round of treatment, I am in for a repeat. Today I have  had to have a morning nap so far as my stomach was rolling around. I was able to take some food and keep it down but not without a little sleep to avoid having to walk around.

I still feel a bit woozy but my stomach seem to have settled down a bit. I am not sure if it is because of the pasta or my friend’s trick of having a hot lemon water. Either way, I feel better…for now. And so far, no headache. Although I suspect now that the headaches were more connected to caffeine withdrawal that lack of food. As I have been feeling queasy I have avoided drinking coffee and usually it gives me a headache…I don’t know why I didn’t think about it straight away.

There is this tendency to think now that all little ailments are connected to the cancer and not other natural occurrences… I have to remember that just because I have cancer, it doesn’t stop the other silly illnesses from happening. Lucky for me, I come from good country stock and I don’t get sick very often!