Woke up this morning, feeling refreshed after nearly 9hrs sleep! I slept a lot yesterday, I had 2 naps during the day and then went to bed at 9.30pm, but it seems to have worked because I feel better now.

Started my day, not feeling too hungry but I had a cup of hot lemon water, as recommended my lovely friend LC, who is into nutrition and wellbeing, and as I am off the meds as off today, I went down pretty well. I have a couple of Bellvita biscuits – didn’t fancy porridge today – and them as well are staying down and not even giving me the rolling stomach.

Fingers crossed, the worse is over and I’ll be back to normal by the end of the day. Decided not to tempt fate by going to work, as I suffer from motion sickness and I take the bus the go to work. Better safe than sorry on that one. Barfing on the bus first thing in the morning will probably not be much appreciated by my fellow commuters!

Any way, I am in a good mood, the sun is kinda shining, my stomach feels happy and my energy levels are up…Happy Friday everyone!