So last time I was pondering where I would go travelling next, my sights were set on Costa Rica.

I got the guidebook and all and wham…the next day I was diagnosed with breast cancer and all thoughts of holiday went out the window. 2013 will be a travel-free zone. No exotic holiday for me until I have been cleared. So it leaves me to look to 2014 for that and what do you know? It will also be the year I turn 40. Yup I know, some people get all scared by this number but to tell you the truth, I am kind of looking forward to it.

Therefore I have decided that because of that, 2014 should be a year of celebrations for me…the whole turning 40 but also – and hopefully – being cancer free. And what better way to celebrate than going on a holiday of a lifetime? That’s right, not much and that’s also a fun project to work on whilst I am recovering from chemotherapy.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was still keen on Costa Rica and then a friend of mine posted pictures of the safari he went on whilst on business trip to Kenya and suddenly all thoughts of Costa Rica are gone! I want to go on a safari! I want to see African elephants in the wild and lions, zebras, cheetahs…and all sorts of other wildlife! So here I am, excited and obsessed at the same time, about this new project. I have a year at least to plan it and save for it as it is not a cheap holiday but I am sure well worth it.

There are few countries which can be selected for a safari. Kenya is the most obvious and from what I read the most travelled. Many recommend Tanzania instead and from the little I have read so far, I think it might be my preferred option but I am waiting for the guidebooks to arrive so I can drool over the pictures and start proper research. If I am going to spend this much money on a holiday, I want to make sure I get the optimised options.

Half a day of Google searches and I am already overwhelmed by all the photos and choices. I know that I won’t be able to take more than 10-15 days off (and I don’t think I would be able to afford more than that anyway) so I will have to make I don’t spend too much time travelling from one place to another (we did that when my friend and I went to New Zealand – we tried to cover too much ground and ended up spending more time in the car than enjoying the scenery – which was a damn shame really). Still plenty of time to work it out! Although I would like to find a small group tour where I can meet people and not have to be charged extra because I travel alone and yet not be stuck with family or people too much older than me…or worse, honeymooning couples!! Yikes!

Watch this space….