Before every chemo treatment I have what we call a chemo clinic a week before. This is to review how I have felt following the previous treatment, what sort of side effects I have experienced, get new medication (if necessary) to manage said side effects and if I am we’ll enough to carry on. It is also the opportunity for the consultant to examine my boobs and check the progress of the treatment.
So far I have had 5 clinic appointments and I have seen 5 different consultants which can make it a little tough for continuity (even if they share notes). For example, the last time I went to clinic, I was sure that I could feel that my lump had reduced in size and felt softer but the consultant who examined me that time had never felt it at the beginning so couldn’t really confirm that. Today I had Dr M (all my consultants have been ladies) and she made me feel very comfortable. She decided to change my meds so I wouldn’t suffer some of the side effects as strongly and then she made my da even more. As per usual, the visit concluded with a check up of my lump and as soon as she started feeling for it, she asked me if I had a coil put in. I said yes. She said “good, be aide I can’t feel the lump” – SHE COULDN’T FEEL THE LUMP!!!!! I apologise for shouting like that but considering that at my last ultrasound I was told that the lump had reduced but barely, I am amazed that only 1 session of the combined new drug changed the game. When I said that to her, she replied that it was the reason they were so excited about this new program. The results are proving their theory and hopefully this will be a program which will be rolled out widely!

My next chemo is on Monday and then I will only have one more to go….before today’s clinic, I was worried that I would potentially have to do more sessions before surgery if the .ump hadn’t reduced enough or that they would have to consider a mastectomy instead of a lumpectomy but not anymore… whoop whoop for me 🙂