I went for my pre-chemo blood test this morning. The usual thing and then went to work as normal.

Just had a call from Natasha, one of the clinical trial nurses (I have 2) and apparently my white blood cell count is too low. It is at .8 and they prefer it to be >1, so they have decided to delay my treatment by a week. She says it’s no big deal, it sometimes happens but it just puts a spanner in my well organised programme.

I must say that during the first part of my treatment, I had to inject myself with Neulasta the day after the treatment, to boost my immune system and the last time they didn’t give it to me. I thought that maybe the new cocktail wasn’t as taxing on the immune system but obviously I was wrong.

I have indeed been feeling a little more tired this time around and I have a bit of a sore throat since yesterday…

Oh well, onwards and upwards as they say!!