After some delay due to my low white blood cell count a week ago, I have finally made to chemo session number 5 out 6!
I got a little worried on Friday as after waking up early to go to my pre-chemo blood test I was turned down by the blood test unit because I didn’t have the paperwork. Now I have been there more than once without it but that day they decided that they should enforce their rules! I was miffed (and bloody tired) to say the least.
Unable to get the paperwork at that stage as the breast care unit was not opening until 9am – it was just about 7.30am when my number was called, I had no choice but to go into work and wait until I could speak to my care nurse.
Once I did, she was herself a bit annoyed with the blood service, she asked me to come see her directly as soon as I could so i wouldn’t have to go queue again. She would take care of it. She also took my vitals and found that my blood pressure was quite low, which worried me a little but then again, I had to wake up early that day (and since switching drug programme I have felt a bit more tired) and I hadn’t had a chance to sit down much that morning between setting the office for the day and having to run back to catch a train. After a little 5 mins break she took it again and it was back to normal. Phew. Now to hoping the results are also back to normal.
We had agreed that they would only call me if my results weren’t good so by 5pm when I had heard nothing back I was relieved and me and the girls from work we celebrated by going for a couple drinks.
So here I am again on this cold, snowy ( you got to be kidding, in March?) Monday morning, having drunk so much water over the weekend so my veins would be nicely plumped up, that I feel bloated. I hope the nurse will appreciate the effort and saves me from her usual snarky comments about why I should have gotten the PICC line…
I am hoping it will all be over quickly enough as like an idiot that I can be I forgot to charge my Kindle so it could be long, boring morning!

I decided to put the Supergirl T on to feel empowered !