8 hours! I spent 8 hours in hospital yesterday. I have beaten my previous record of 7 hours.

Last time, there was kind of an excuse as my session was booked on the 2nd Jan and most people were back from holidays and I had to have my blood test done that same morning. Treatment cannot be administered before blood results are back and pharmacy only prepares the chemo drugs once that is done.

This time though, it shouldn’t have been as I had my blood test done on Friday at 11am and therefore, results should have back well on time Friday for chemo to have the prescription sorted…alas not. For some reasons they only got the script in on Monday morning, hence why I had to wait.

Of course, that day I have forgotten to charge my Kindle AND my phone, so I had nothing to read and my phone battery died halfway through…Luckily I have started a little black book of thoughts where I jot down all kind of silly stuff not suitable for the public consumption of the blogging community and I like to doodle on the pages. I had brought my book and pens with me so I kept myself occupied that way – just. Unfortunately I can’t actually draw anything remotely pretty to save my life, so my artistic attempts were limited to doodling.

Mixing random shapes and colours...
Mixing random shapes and colours…
Another doodle, inspired by a Gravatar profile pic from one of my fellow breast cancer blogger. Looks better on the pic than in real :)
Another doodle, inspired by a Gravatar profile pic from one of my fellow breast cancer blogger. Looks better on the pic than in real

I have decorated lots of pages of that book…Even I school I like to change colours in my notes. It was the most girlie thing about me.

Finally, Nurse Jackie (honestly, that’s her name) came to me to tell me that my prescription was ready but did she give me the anti sickness capsule? Erm, no. Ah well, it needs to be taken an hour before we start the treatment and they don’t seem to have put it with your prescription. Oh, boy more waiting. Took them over 30 mins to get that little pill up to the Chemo department, then an hour for the drug to take effect. Having arrived at 9am, I started the full treatment at 2pm! Yup, that’s right. To be fair, Nurse Jackie was apologetic about it. She had a couple issues with my tiny veins like the other nurse but wasn’t as narky about it. I explained again why I didn’t have a PICC line. She said something about it being necessary sometimes and I retorted that’s not how it was sold to me. I was given the option, I chose not to put myself through the stress of it and so far, they have always managed to canulate me, so there.

To top the fun, the pharmacy had decided to put most of my treatment in tiny syringes which means they had to be switched constantly, delaying the process even more….Anyway, by 4pm I was wrapping up (and I am mean literally as the temperature has dropped dramatically over the last few days and we had snow most of the day, although it didn’t stick to the ground, thankfully).

Nurse Jackie gave me my post chemo meds and I can tell you I am currently turning my bathroom cupboard into a Boots outlet!

That's just for Session 5
That’s just for Session 5

The oncologist changed some of my anti-sickness tablets as the last one wasn’t strong enough to keep the nausea at bay and kept me *if you are of sensitive disposition about bodily function, scroll down quickly!* constipated for 3 or 4 days following the end of the course. Not fun I can tell you! I have been lucky that I have actually never had to endure constipation much in my life before then. One of the side effects for it though, is that it can make you drowsy…a little bit like when I take motion sickness tablets before a boat trip or a long car journey…and they are not lying. Since I have taken it this morning, I feel like going back to bed!

That is just for this morning!
That is just for this morning!

Or maybe I just don’t fancy staying up…although it is a sunny day today so it’s quite enjoyable to sit down at my little study desk and keep up with work!

And finally, after all your lovely comments on my Supergirl T, here is my absolute favourite female superhero. I wear that shirt at work often (inspired by one of my colleagues who also has one – and I have to give her credit, she had it before me), especially when I have to deal with in house workshops.

I feel like Wonder Woman...
I feel like Wonder Woman…

Enjoy….I have one more to share at a later stage. Don’t mind the rosie cheeks, it’s a side effect of the steroids…makes your face a little flush!

Love and all…