Following chemo 4 and the new chemo cocktail, I was given some side effect counteracting meds to prevent sickness. I can’t remember the name but least to say that although I didn’t actually throw up (sorry for the grossness), I felt nauseous for 3 days – with Day 3 being the worst for some reasons – and then was constipated for another 4 (once the nausea went away….again sorry if bodily functions gross you out).

I mentioned this at my pre-chemo 5 clinic appointment with the oncologist and she said, not too worry, she had something better for me.

I was given Emend 80mg for 2 days and Cyclisine 50mg for 3 days post chemo. And I am happy to report that a) I haven’t experienced any nausea at all and b) I have been eating normally (last time I could only eat apples). Now the major side effect for the side effect management drugs – still following me there? – is that it can make you drowsy…and that I felt!

Last night, I slept for 11hrs which is very unusual for me as I normally operate on 7-8hrs. Still feeling a bit sleepy so I think I will probably fall asleep in front of the telly tonight but I might be good to go to work for a few hours tomorrow….I am bored at home and I need to see people!