So, I went for my Doppler scan yesterday (it is an ultrasound of the vascular system in my arm and neck to check if I have a clot).
The vascular specialist (that is what they are called apparently) spent a fair amount of time checking all the veins in my arm and in my neck. I am always quite interested to see the inside of my body so I didn’t mind.
What I did mind was being told that indeed, my CEPH vein (that’s cephalic vein for the medically savvy) is blocked (that is called a thrombosis) and by the sound of it has been for 7 days. And to think I was feeling so great after my last chemo!!
Damn you body!
So what does this mean?
Well for one, I had to see a doctor to get a prescription to take care of the clot and that meant I waited for ages….
For seconds, and I swear I could see the smirk on the chemo nurse’s face, I have to get a line in – you remember the whole debate on whether I should get a PICC line in? No? Here it is: To PICC or not to PICC. She said as my vein was blocked it was going to be a Hickman line (in the chest to the heart-eek) and she was booking it, no discussionWell I guess my decision not to have a PICC line backfired a bit then…Although there is nothing to say that I wouldn’t have had other issues with as the list of potential problems with a line is long (and includes blood clots too).They sent me to see my oncologist and again I had to wait ages but I think it paid off for this one.

Firstly, I won’t have to go to clinic next week as she did all the checks there and I got to see the one I prefer, Dr M. She is no nonsense, Greek I think. When I told her the nurses wanted to do a Hickman, she frowned and said “it is your last session right?” “Indeed”
She picked up the phone to speak to the nurse and told her she wanted for a PICC line lead via ultrasound – this means that instead of putting it blind as they usually do, they will need to do it whilst checking my arm with an ultrasound to make sure they get a “free” vein. For her it was not necessary to make me go through a more invasive installation, especially for one session!
You tell them doc! So it looks like I will be getting that PICC line in the end but they will take it out straight after the last session so I won’t have it for long. Pheww…
Dr M was also very pleased with the feel of my lump…or lack thereof as she said.

Thrombosis treatment
Thrombosis treatment

Now the least fun part: the treatment for my clot is a daily injection (self administered) for…wait for it….6 bloody weeks! Yup you read right! I have to stab myself daily for 6 weeks!

The other good news is that surgery might be scheduled a lot quicker than I thought. Probably in May from what I gathered but I should know more when I do my post chemo scans. The end is near!!!!