This is it people!
Today is my last chemotherapy for what I hope will be forever…
I got the PICC line “installed” yesterday. It was another long day of waiting around, especially because I wasn’t told what time the procedure was and the nurse who took my blood in the morning sent me away for a few hours whilst waiting for the results.
When I got back, my usual nurse was there and thought I was coming back after the procedure. Turns out I had missed my slot as I had been booked for 1.30pm (and it was 2.30pm when I got back!) – she was annoyed and so was I.
Luckily for us, the angio department wasn’t too busy and they slotted me in straight away.
The procedure went well, although the site if insertion wouldn’t stop bleeding afterwards so I had to have my dressing changed within minutes of coming out.


I then had to go back to chemo so they could check it and pad it to keep it tidy.
It’s a little sore and I can’t really lift my arm or stretch it, but I couldn’t before as the blot clot is still retiring my movement.
I have to admit that I am not too sad that it will come off today after the chemo is done as I didn’t sleep well at all. I am a side sleeper and either side was fairly uncomfortable to sleep on. Every time I turned I would wake up as it would hurt.
It’s now 11.00am and I have been here since 9.15am. My treatment will start at 11.15am which is at least 2hours before the last time and this time there won’t be any fussing with trying to get a canula in…
Counting down the hours with impatience now….


Well as usual, I spoke – or typed – too fast! First of all, my script was again sent late to the pharmacy so I had to wait another hour and half before I could get the chemo started. Then it was so busy that my nurse was too busy to switch my syringes (I have about 9 different ones, some small, some big) so more waiting to be done.

To top it all up, because the nurse had told me to start Clexane again (that’s the blood thinner injections for the clot I have) yesterday, she wasn’t comfortable taking my PICC line out today. She was worried that it would bleed a lot (too much) so despite all, I am still with it…until Friday. I have an appointment to have it removed then. Darn it all…I wish I had thought that starting the injections again was not a good idea yesterday…

Oh well, it is only delayed for a few days but still, it is annoying as I don’t feel it is over yet as long as I have it in and also I didn’t sleep well with it in as I said and although it is not as sore as it was yesterday, I imagine it still will uncomfortable to sleep with it. Bugger.