As you will have read in my last post, I am done with chemotherapy and I am definitely not sorry to see the back of it.

The removal of the PICC line took about 2 mins once I got there. It was a case, let’s disinfect the area to make sure no nasty slip in and then pull the tube out and that was it – for which I am definitely grateful! I only have a little nick on the inside of my arm, barely noticeable really. I have resumed the Clexane as I am still dealing with the blood clot but otherwise I am now waiting to do my final exams.

I have the MRI booked for Sunday and then ultrasound on the 17th and I have my appointment with surgeon booked for 25th!  I am not entirely sure what to expect there: I mean I know I will be getting a lumpectomy as I know for a fact that my lump has shrunk, but I am not sure if it is to be a day surgery and back home the same day or if I will have to stay hospitalised for a few days and how much recovery I will need from it.

I know that after the surgery I’ll have 2 weeks of radiotherapy as well and then that’s it! I am done with the active treatment and will move to the managing and monitoring phase for the next 5 years!

I’ll be honest when I was first diagnosed in November 2012, I thought I was going to be dealing with active treatment for the best part of 2013 and here I am, not even half a year later and I am nearly done! I feel really grateful for the care I was given and for the fact that my diagnosis came at a really early stage, allowing me to live a relatively normal life.

I know it’s not completely over year and that with the surgery there are risks allocated, such as potential lymphoedema and cording but as you all know by now, I am an optimist! I’ll cross that bridge when (if) I need to!

I would like to thank everyone who has been there supporting me, reading me, encouraging me every step of the way since that horrid day in November. It has helped me to treat this whole experience more like an experiment than a dramatic turn of event.

I am not sure how many more relevant postings I will have to provide but I will try to keep it going.

Happy Days!!