One of the most happy things about having finished chemotherapy (aside from no more side effects, no more waiting around for hours, no more blood tests, PICC line, being poked and prodded etc.) is that my hair is already starting to grow back!

I am now sporting a very fetching black fuzz (in between all the white hair that seemed to have stuck around throughout the chemotherapy)…

I am told that when your hair grows back after chemotherapy, it can change “nature” and grows back more luxurious…Now, I was already quite lucky with my hair. It was thick and full before. I was a natural shade of dark brown with reddish tint and it was curly/wavy (which of course didn’t suit me so much so I spent a lot of time straightening it every morning – we always want what we don’t have). Unfortunately I started growing grey hair quite early on (in my 20s) but I was hiding the fact by colouring my hair accentuating the reddish tint.

Me43I am not sure how much grey will remain, but the hair that is growing back in colour is looking a little darker (almost black) than what I originally had…Anyway, all this to just boast about the fact that I have hair again and I am looking forward to no wear a beanie all the time!!!

I have also decided that I won’t grow it back to the length is was before (middle of my back) but will go back to the asymmetric bob I got just before I started chemo (in an attempts to use the cold cap).

November 2012
November 2012

I was ever so upset that I only kept that new do for a mere 3 weeks – felt cheated really!

So here’s to getting back to normal….

Happy Friday everyone!