This might sound like the title of some weird book or movie…it isn’t.

I was born and raised in a small village on the Atlantic Coast in France. I was raised my maternal grandparents for reasons I won’t go over on this post (it would take too long and might be the subject of its own entry). For those who have never been to France or at least anywhere outside of Paris, France is a lot more conservative than it looks and being raised by someone who was born in 1930s in said village and never left, makes it even harder to be cool and in.

What has this got to do with Auntie Rose, you wonder. Who the hell is Auntie Rose anyway and what has it got to do with cancer?

Well, Auntie Rose is the code name for periods. I know, why not use the word? Well, back home it was not an appropriate subject of conversation and it was considered too yucky to use the word….so instead of being on as most girls were, I had the visit from Auntie Rose. Now, you see how it relates to cancer. Since I had started chemotherapy, Auntie Rose had been AWOL. Part of me was very glad for this, as every girl will relate to the pain (literally and figuratively) of having to deal the dreaded old gal every month ; part of me was sad as considering my age, there was a strong possibility that she would never visit again and this meant that I could say bye-bye to the possibility of having kids.

Following my blot clot, I had to start blood thinners (via injections – yikes) and suddenly, Auntie Rose was back. I thought it might have been a one off visit, just as a reaction, but no. She is back again. Of course I need to see if she will be back even after I stop the injections (11 to go) but I take this as a good sign that I am still in the running to give my sister some nieces and nephews…well providing I find a nice man to have them with 🙂 – mmm probably easier said than done! Maybe I’ll take my sister’s offer to have one for me!