Saturday was the big day of the long awaited Race for Life 2013. 5km run-walk in the park. There was more than one race happening that day but me and my girlies did the Regent’s Park one at 11am.

I had managed to convince 7 of my girlfriends to join me in Team Chymeera. Few of us met at Pret A Manger first in dire need of caffeine and breakfast or even the loo (already???)! I took this opportunity to finish decorating my “memo sign” with the help of Big T who absolutely wanted to draw a pair of boobies!! I made him add the scar on so I could pretend they were mine 🙂

We met the rest near the start point and it was great to catch up. We took the time for a few team pictures, thanks to the good work of Big T whilst Little T (CN and Big T baby boy) and you can see the good work below (the effects are courtesy of yours truly).

I won’t bore you with a blow by blow account of the day, suffice to say that the group split up in 2: the runners and the walkers and then further as the runners had different pace.

I can only talk about the experience as a walker – I chose to walk as I couldn’t deal with the boobie bounce and frankly as I haven’t done any exercise what so ever in 4 months, I couldn’t imagine running at all.

The atmosphere was incredible, the Race4Life dance slam was fun, Regent’s Park is a beautiful park in the middle of London and the walk was gorgeous, the weather was close to perfect (not too hot, not too cold).

We walked it in 57’57”, talking our time to take pictures and do silly dances and we crossed the finish line in slo-mo, Charriots of Fire style (unfortunately there are no pictures for that).

After the race we all gathered and congratulated each other for a job well done. Poor CN had hurt her foot so hobbled along with Little T’s buggy and Big T in tow to go home pack for her holiday which was starting the following day….Big T was not amused I can tell you!

The rest of the gang went to the pub for a well deserved lunch and a few celebratory bottles of Prosecco!

Of course, all of this was to raise money for Cancer Research UK and I am proud to say that Team Chymeera raised a very reasonable £1,642! I am very grateful to all the good people who contributed to this great cause.

Team Chymeera Rocked!