Although I haven’t much to report, I wanted to share the progress of my healing, by showing how well my scars are behaving. I have my appointment with the radiographer (radiologist ?) to discuss the radiotherapy programme next week and I have no doubt that she will be happy to start as soon as. Hopefully we will be able to agree a convenient time for me as although the hospital I have to go for this is near work, it’s still about 30 mins walk to it and there is no direct transport link between the office and the hospital (of course). It’s actually a little frustrating as the treatment only takes 5 mins per day but I am sure there is plenty of waiting time and setting up to do…

Right breast scar - 2 weeks after operation (06.06.13)
Right breast scar – 2 weeks after operation (06.06.13)
Axillary lymphnode dissection scar n#2 - 2 weeks after operation
Axillary lymph node dissection scar n#2 – 2 weeks after operation

The scar under the armpit looks a little worse but then again, it was cut over existing scar. I am suffering from cording as well and the exercises I do don’t seem to be getting rid of it. It’s not as painful as it was but I can still see the “cord” in the armpit. Quite weird actually. I’ll give a call to the physio on Monday and maybe I can see her quickly when I am there for the appointment with the radiologist.


*(Meanwhile in Vera Cruz…)

This might seem a strange title and is something that came from French comedy “La cite de la Peur” by comedic group Les Nuls. It has relatively no bearing on the post story and that’s the point…it also had absolutely no bearing on the movie 🙂