Since I have been diagnosed, I have had a fair bit of time to thing about things – random things, important things, silly things, future things, past things…

I have also been told many time how incredible people thought I was for taking it all in my stride and not letting it drag me down…Having lived in the UK for nearly 14 years now (eek!) I have integrated the British art of self depreciation a little too much and when told I am amazing, I tend to “guffaw” (not sure it’s a real word but it sums up the Mr Bean moment I have every time it happens) out of it and minimize the impact by saying how it’s in my nature and therefore I can’t take credit for it…

I have however started to be interested in Positive Psychology (and its benefits) and I am currently reading Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman – one of the leading psychologists in Positive Psychology. It’s a really interesting book on the benefits of positive thinking, optimism and most importantly tips on how to improve the ++ in your life instead of minimizing the –.

One of the exercises to do is to write a “gratitude” diary. Every day, you write 10 things you feel grateful for…it could be something as silly as: I am grateful for the sun that shines but by thinking something positive, you are already changing your mindset…well that’s the BeFunky_gratitude symbol.jpg

Although I haven’t really kept one, I have decided to do a gratitude post and I will list 10 things that I feel grateful for:

1. I am grateful that I went to the doctor that day
2. I am grateful that I have amazing and supportive friends
3. I am grateful that I live in a country where health care is free and of high quality
4. I am grateful that I live in a day and age where medical progress has given me better prospects
5. I am grateful for chocolate and champagne (together or separately)
6. I am grateful that my mother was clever enough to let my Nan raise me
8. I am grateful that I am still the optimistic, happy person I was before I was diagnosed
9. I am grateful I can for the internet
10. I am grateful that short hair looks good on me

There…those are my 10 for today…they might change by tomorrow but that’s not the important bit. And I do feel more elated.

Go on, give it a try…. Next step for me will be to tell someone who matter strongly how much they mean to me and why…this is another thing that people don’t automatically do much!