It’s been a week now since I have started radiotherapy and I have settled into a routine.

I come in to work an hour early and take a shorter lunch break so I don’t feel like I am skivvying off. I know that I am dealing with important treatment but I can’t help feeling bad when I leave at 16.30. Except for a few sessions, most of my treatments are booked for 17.00 every day and I am usually done by 17.30 give or take a few minutes.

So far, I have no adverse feelings. My skin still looks the same and I am not feeling more tired than usual. I have been moisturising with aqueous cream religiously twice a day and keeping out of direct sun. The one thing I am not very good at is keeping up with the arm exercises. Since the cording has gone, I constantly forget to do them.

My shoulder has been feeling a little tighter than usual, which I am sure is mostly due to the fact that I sleep with my arm up and my head on it.

Auntie Rose (remember her?) has made a reappearance for the weekend and when I mentioned it to the radiographers, they said it wasn’t related but it was good news for me as it means that my body is recovering and that the Tamoxifen hasn’t triggered early menopause yet.

Speaking of Tamoxifen, the early effects (light insomnia and hot flushes) seem to have gone down. I still get spikes of heat here and there but not as much as the beginning and lately the only thing stopping me sleeping through is the heat (not my internal heat but the weather’s).

So all in all, I am doing as well as can be. Of course, I still have 3 weeks of radiotherapy and 5 years of Tamoxifen but who is counting, eh?

Over and out.

Coming out of St Thomas Hospital, I was treated to this gorgeous summer view #ilovelondon
Coming out of St Thomas Hospital, I was treated to this gorgeous summer view #ilovelondon

*Feature Picture: I finally decided to wear a wig! Only kidding…I went to a fancy dress party this summer and I borrowed my uncle’s clown wig. I was dressed as a 50s lindy hop dancer…