A quick update on my radiotherapy. As my title says, I have completed 19 sessions and I only have 4 left to go!

Last Thursday I moved to what they call the booster sessions. Instead of zapping my whole breast, they are concentrating the rays to the tumour site using a cage contraption attached to the head of the beam.

candycrushAlthough installation time is a lot more fiddly, the actual zapping is quicker and it’s done in 30s. That’s if the machine works and you don’t have to wait 2 hours to get your 30s zap – which is exactly what happened yesterday. When you come at the end of a day, the last thing you want to do is wait for 2 hours in a waiting room in a basement with no window and most importantly no internet reception!!! Arrrgh no candy crush saga to keep me occupied!!! Makes for a very long 2hrs.

On a happier note…this is my 100th post!! And in itself, I think it deserved a celebration. When I started this blog back in November last year, I didn’t think I would have as much to share and that I would get as many people interested in what I had to say. I honestly thought that only a few of my friends would check it out to keep up with my treatments so I wouldn’t have to repeat the steps too many times. So thank you to all of you who are following, reading, commenting etc. This makes it a lot more valuable for me to share moments.

Here’s to 100 more! Salud!

2013-06-08 17.34.39