This morning I saw this young guy with his pants hanging low and showing his underpants to the world. He appeared to have a nice enough backside but dude, if you are going to show your underwear, can you make sure it is at least a nice and clean pair? I might be a little harsh here, I think his were clean…well I hope they were but they definitely had seen better days!

I am not sure where this habit of showing your underwear came about – a friend of mine told me it came about in US prisons where the convicts who were “available” to be other convicts’ “girlfriend” were advertising the fact by showing their underwear…I am not sure how true that is but there is a part of me who giggles every time I see some tweeny who think he is cool because he is showing the world that he wears boxer shorts!

Is this a sign that I am turning into a grumpy old woman?