I went for my first post pulmonary embolism (PE) follow up yesterday. Since my hospitalisation I have been on Clexane 120mg which I have to inject daily in my belly fat (believe, there is plenty to go around there, thankfully). I was expecting the haematologist to put me on a different medication (because that’s what the consultants had hinted at when they visited me in hospital) and from the rumours, that medication would be likely to be Warfarin and that’s a medication apparently not compatible with alcohol. Before you start thinking that I am an alcoholic and that it is sad the thought of going dry was making me depressed, I would like to remind you that this week is my birthday and I am hitting a milestone. I had been looking forward to celebrate it, especially after the year I had.

My chat with the doc was not the big woohah I had expected, not the least because he is a really soft spoken guy. Basically, I have to carry on what I am doing until I have had all my other tests and the oncology team has decided what treatment I will be on. Clexane injections for another 3 months – ouch – and potentially for 6 – double ouch – and another follow up appointment in 10 weeks. So much for my hospital free year!

The only good news? I can actually drink whilst on Clexane! I am not talking getting blind drunk but at least able to enjoy a few glasses of bubbly on my birthday! Thank Bob for that!

Saturday, here I come!