2014 is drawing to a close and it’s been a bumpy year.

It started quite badly with my first real hospitalisation since I have been diagnosed, and the discovery that I had mets in my lungs and therefore was no longer cancer free. It was a big blow to my confidence and my plans of a hospital free years.

Yet, it could have been worse. Thanks to my little emergency hospitalisation, those mets were found really early and therefore the protocol was just to change my meds for stronger ones.

I had my first scan 6 months later (June) which confirmed that the new drug combination (Letrozole (Femara) + Zoladex) worked great and my mets had shrunk.

For saleA couple weeks ago, I went for another 6 months CT scan check up and had my results last week and I am happy to report that my mets are still down and the drugs are still working. That’s for the high…although I didn’t get to worry about it much…Why you might think? This is a pretty big deal. And you are right. Yet my attention was completely taken by one of the biggest stressors in modern life: the acquisition of my first property.

Yes, I am 40 years old and I only just managed to buy my first flat. That’s London for you people! I was so excited about my move and finally getting my own place…only to get my bubble explode in my face:

The flat I bought is an old Victorian conversion and therefore comes with it’s size challenges. What I hadn’t anticipated was that the boiler would give me grief from the get go. I had to have a gas engineer 3 times already to fix it and I have one more visit today in the hope that this time, the fixing can last until at least after Xmas! I realise that I am going to have to change the boiler (it’s 12 years old and hadn’t been looked after properly I think) but I hope to stretch it until after the holiday as getting that done before I go away is going to be near impossible.

To add insult to injuries, the broadband and telephones are also not working and the TV signal is spotty so I am not getting all the usual Freeview channels, which although trivial is still annoying.

I am hanging on to the knowledge that everyone I know who bought their own place recently (or not) had similar painful stories and that when this is all sorted, it will be my little “home sweet home”! I am just stressing as I can see all the costs adding quickly when I was hoping to get a breather for at least until the next bonus!

Still, it beats being told you have cancer though…so I shouldn’t complain really.