I know, I know…we are well into January and I should have done this earlier.

The truth is, as last year didn’t particularly start well (I was hospitalised first weekend of Jan), I wanted to wait to make sure all was well in the world.

Although, all is not entirely well in the world – the vicious attacks in Paris early this month made me blue – all is well in my world…Selfish I know but hey, I have had my share of drama. I’d be happy for a drama free year thanks.

I am all moved in my new flat, my last scan was tip top, I had a great Christmas and New Year and I have stayed clear of hospitals and emergency rooms so far…

I hope the rest of the year will follow on this good start and for you, wherever you may be, it will be a happy, stress free and healthy year too…So here’s to you and those who matter to you…

Happy New Year 2015

Me and Minion Dave celebrating NYE in France